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February/March 2011

A New Level of Comfort, Protection and Fashion.

Aetrex is proud to introduce the new Men’s and Women’s Ambulator Biomechanical Footwear.
Ambulators provide extraordinary cushioning and support and are now offered in fashion forward designs. With unique features such as ½ inch removable depth, rocker soles and soft leather linings, Ambulators provide patients with unsurpassed comfort and protection.

Special Offer

12 half pair samples of the new Ambulators (preselected size run) for $99 and receive a complimentary table top display.

Ambulator Sample Promotion


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Welcome to AetrexDPM.com from Aetrex.

Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. has been serving the medical foot care profession for over 65 years. Aetrex designs and manufactures therapeutic, casual, dress, sandals and athletic footwear for both men and women. Aetrex is also renowned for its Lynco Orthotics that offer comfort, support, balance and alignment. Aetrex has also developed Copper Socks using Copper Sole™ Technology that has been clinically proven to help prevent bacteria, fungi and odor.

A leader in foot scanning technology, Aetrex manufactures and distributes the revolutionary iStep SP5000 foot scanner which identifies the three “essentials”: arch type, pressure distribution and foot size. The scan offers an on screen recommendation for a Lynco orthotic and footwear that best matches the patient’s foot. The scan information can also be utilized to fabricate custom orthotics as well as orthotics for the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program. To view the interactive iStep demonstration, click on the iStep tab on the menu bar. Aetrex offers several options for obtaining the program. Please refer to our "get started" section for additional information.

Aetrex is represented by a national staff of Certified Pedorthists who are available to present the product line and train Doctors and their medical staff on foot sizing and shoe fitting. To schedule an appointment or obtain additional information, contact us by phone or by writing to us. To get in touch with us please refer to the "contact us" tab.

Aetrex is a corporate partner of the American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management (AAPPM) and is a Sponsor of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM).   

Alan Berman, D.P.M., DABPS  DABPOPPM


Going Toe to Toe with The Retail Stores: How To Compete When Shoe Stores and Pharmacies Sell Orthotics

Feel like putting up your dukes and sparring with retail shoe stores claiming to have all the technology needed to prescribe custom orthotics to alleviate foot pain and to eliminate foot problems? As doctors, it is sometimes difficult to watch patients who need a podiatrist’s care trust their feet to a sales person who is not fully trained to diagnose, treat and prevent foot problems.

David N. Helfman, DPM

“The Physician’s Business Academy, LLC” (PBA) based in Atlanta, GA.

I am proud to announce a new educational forum targeting the Podiatry community, called the Physician’s Business Academy, LLC. The Academy started last year and tested its education platform on 150 or more physicians, both Podiatrists and non Podiatrists.

Howard Hillman, C.Ped


Socks, Shoes, Orthotics and management of forefoot pain

Over the past twenty two years I have been asked by many of my D.P.M. clients if there are any secrets to managing forefoot pain with orthotics. Whether the pain originates from an existing or developing neuroma or run of the mill metatarsalgia there are solutions.

Melissa J. Lockwood, DPM


Top 5 Things That Helped Me Launch My Practice

The AAPPM (American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management)…The AAPPM can ‘be’ the top five for me as it was the launching pad for great practice benchmarking, marketing/advertising ideas, mentors, vendors, and ancillary services.

Lynn Homisak,
SOS Healthcare Management Solutions, LLC


Trained Staff Can Help Build a Practice

Are you one of those doctors who would like to make your office more efficient, make the best use of your clinical staff and increase your bottom line? If your answer is “YES”…then you really need to read on because I have what is probably the best known secret in podiatry and I am willing to share it with you!

Rem Jackson
Top Practices, LLC

The Coming Opportunity in Podiatry

There are two ways you can view the coming changes in Podiatry.  You can, as many do, see a future in which you have to work harder, see more patients, be paid less, and struggle just to maintain the levels you are at now.

Bob Egeland, C.Ped
Nat'l Sales Manager,
Rocky Mountain
Orthotic Lab

Maximizing Orthotic Results with Proper Footwear

Your best results will start from the ground up. As practitioners we have all experienced frustrating results from a perfectly casted, produce and dispensed orthotic. Many times we forget or do not all evaluate the shoe the orthotic is going into.

Dr. Josh White, DPM, CPed


The 4 S’s to Consider to Improve Your Shoe Fitting

Five years ago, few podiatrists were interested in fitting shoes. Spurred on by the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Benefit and an explosion in the incidence of diabetes, an ever-growing percentage of practitioners now make fitting shoes an important part of
their practices...

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